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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Explaining Pictures I-IV

I don't know why I can't just get the pictures to go side by side. Elizabeth? Anyone? Fix it for me. Sorry I haven't been updating this blog! I really need to stay on top of things. Right now my house is messy and I should be in bed, but I wanted to finally put the pictures from Jarem's cell phone on here....I haven't even tackled the ones from the real camera- that will take years. Well, I've been tired, and had no time to type, but I wanted to get the blog going again. Somewhere Elizabeth is cheering. Right now Jarem and I are finishing up the President Monson bio. Great documentary. We have been impressed recently to get our life in order, and be reading scriptures, praying on our knees night and morning, getting food storage, and ridding ourselves of debt. We have also been entrusted with a rather scary thing in the Amity Ward- the overwhelming realization that many less-actives will soon be needing us. Jarem was released as a counselor to the young men, and called as the ward mission leader last week. And he knew it was coming before the bishop opened his mouth. I suppose it's partially my fault. I've been pleading with the Lord in my prayers- I feel these people slipping away, and I wanted to know what we could do (without offending leaders etc). The bishop told us in the interview that only 1/3 of our members are active, 1/3 of those members pay tithing, and 1/3 of those have a temple recommend. What terrible numbers. That is so many people who are missing out on blessings and letting their children fall into darkness. Our little group of couples is amazing. We're all active and attending the temple, and we support each other. But there are too many others in misery to just relax. I love how President Monson said that he always wanted "to be on the Lord's errand", and that whatever God needed "Tom Monson would be there". I wish I could be like that. Oh, I have my moments of goodness, but then I get grouchy and stubborn, and everything goes. :)
Ari is such a little genius. Every day he comes up with the coolest new sentences, and makes us laugh and surprises us. The other day I was mad at Jarem for something, I don't remember what, and I was sitting in the bathroom thinking while Ari was taking a bath. I wasn't even paying attention to all his little ramblings and singing (he loves to make up songs and also sing Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, and the Hallelujah chorus, plus count from 6 to 10), and suddenly he comes out with, "Daddy loves you", pause, "Ari loves you", pause, "Soap no loves you". haha, but what a sweetheart. He knew I was upset, and he told me something very valuable.
When we were driving in Utah we suddenly realized we were behind Jarem's parents in their van when Ari yelled out "Papa!" He calls his Frye grandparents Papa and Grandma, and Ogden grandparents Grandpa and Granny. Confusing, I know. But he LOVES his grandparents on both sides. I think he really eats up the attention- just for him. He likes the play time and the hugs. I think at home he feels supplanted by Jude, and when he's around extended family he gets to have Ari time. That is so important.
So I got up at 5 am today, trying to take Great-Granny's advice about getting up early and you can get more done before the kids get up. Haha, that didn't work. For some reason, whenever I want to get up early and clean and do bills, read scriptures, etc, my lovely children have a seventh sense, and they can tell I'm up, and they get up too. Then the rest of the day is h___ because they didn't get enough sleep and are grouchy. Isn't that awesome?! I think I'll just sleep in, and continue trying to get things done after they go to bed at night. I usually want to go to bed myself!
Hey, Ari is constantly sick now- any ideas people? We take him in to the doctor, I should say, the naturopath, constantly, and we give him lots of good things to help him when he's sick, but I want to know how to keep him healthy! And then Jarem gets it from Ari, and I just start praying that Jude doesn't get sick. Half of my family is consistantly ill- with bad coughs and runny noses. I can't figure it out. I've always been pretty healthy, and this frustrates me. Mom, didn't you say something about an immune booster? Or Reliv or something? And anyone have ideas about HOW Ari is picking up all these germs? He isn't in daycare...oh, but he does go to nursery here, although people are pretty good at keeping their kiddos home if they're sick. I have no idea. The good thing is Ari is still happy and has lots of energy...that's also the bad thing.
Oh, and lately he's gotten into this screaming thing. What fun that is.
Well, I'd better go eat and get to bed. Love you all, enjoy the pictures! Click on "older posts" for the rest of them....

Pictures Part....hmm, I lost track- IV?

Yes, here is another picture of me, so all of you can stop bugging me about how I'm never in the pictures. It's not exactly the prettiest time to get photos of a woman, right after giving birth twice in two years.... haha.
Oh, this is a prime example of my cooking. Nope, those are not brownies, they were supposed to be spinach artichoke bread things.
Ari investigating Daddy's office, a big no-no.
These are my favorite pictures!
Jude always wants to chew on our fingers.

Pictures Part VIII

Oh yes, I'm so glam. Ari put his hard hat on my head, and well, the result was too tempting for Jarem- he had to take a picture.
Our dogs are dying to get inside, and Ari likes to tease them by opening the lower window
This is Ari at Church
My new potty!
I'm attempting to squeeze something out.

Pictures Part VII

Falling asleep on the floor
Ari tore apart this Christmas card- he had to find out how the lights worked
Music with Grandpa Frye
Jude- sick during Christmas
Ari's not sure if he likes the snow

Pictures Part VI

Chillin' with the Boys
Jude loves his Uncle Joseph
Oh wait, where's Mommy and my food?
Aaron and Suzanne- Jarem's older brother and his young, hot wife (not fair, if you ask me :)
Okay, now they look frustrated with me. But seriously, aren't Ari's cousins adorable?

Pictures Part V

Jarem's favorite Christmas present- a wheat grinder from Dan and Elizabeth!
The back of our van
My boys, being sweet for once
Ari is just like Grandpa Ogden, he loves to clean up, and line up his toys outside
Jarem is a genius with a gun!